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Learn about our Suede Car Back Seat Protector - Anti Slip & Scratch Resistant

Posted by Safiyya Riyadh on

Having a dog is a wonderful experience, they are man’s best friend, however having them in the back of your beautiful car can sometimes be a bit painful to witness. Dogs love to be relaxed, slouched out on the back of your leather back seat, enjoying the world pass them by. They also sometimes end up scratching the seats and having their fur become part of your furniture. It’s not all bad though, they love travelling in the car on journeys, but sometimes we need to be mindful of their comfort whilst in the car.

Unlike traditional car seat covers which are “plastic”, we here at Pets Finest have a supreme quality suede fabric car seat cover. It offers soft durable luxury comfort for your pet allowing you to be rest assured that they are happy being in the back of the car. It also protects against any mistakes which may happen; spillages, urine, mud, fur and vomit.

SIDE RELEASE BUCKLEWith our unique anti slip and scratch resistant material you can be assured your dog, cat or pet is going to be safe and protected. You can also use this for your family, kids when travelling so can protect against day to day childrens mess.

Easy to install with side release buckles which can clip around the headrests at the back or front to create a hammock style feature, or left without attaching to the front headrests and laying across the back seat.CAR SEAT BOOT LINER PROTECTOR

The other unique feature is that this item can be used as a picnic mat, outdoor playmat as it’s soft and has specifically been made with children and family in mind.

Easy access to safety seat belts buckles with openings built into the material with the ability to also use this as a boot liner - it’s the one of the best car seat covers on the market. Buy yours today!


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