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The Beginner's Guide to Using an Anti Bark Collar for Dogs

Posted by Adam Riyadh on

The Beginner's Guide to Using an Anti Bark Collar for Dogs

Excessive barking can be extremely annoying to both you and your neighbours. Luckily, there are effective and humane ways to stop barking in its tracks. This beginner's guide will teach you how to use an anti bark collar and answer all of the most commonly asked questions.

Let's crack the myth right here and now: Dogs with bark collars are not disobedient dogs.

Too many people believe that dogs with a temper are the ones with anti-bark collars. This just isn't true.

Just like every parent has there own way of parenting a child, every owner has their own technique for training their dog. An anti bark collar is a popular method for teaching dogs when it is appropriate to bark and when it is not appropriate.

Have you considered using an anti-bark collar for your dog but want to find out if it is the right decision? You have come to the right place.

Here are 12 commonly asked questions about anti-bark collars and the 12 best answers for them.

1. How Does the Anti-Bark Collar Work?

When a dog barks, his/her vocal cords vibrate. The collar senses the vibrations in the vocal cords and provides a stimuli to the dog. This warns him/her that there is a consequence for barking.

2. What Are the Different Kinds of Anti-Bark Collars?

The four different kinds of collars are Citronella, Shock, Sonic and Vibration.

Citronella - Instead of a shock, the citronella collar shoots a spray of citronella-scented liquid out when your dog barks. Most dogs find this scent unpleasant and will resist further barking.

Static Shock - This collar is the traditional method which sends out a shock through two metal prongs that touch his/her neck. The shock will increase in intensity if the barking continues. This kind of collar is illegal to sell in the UK but is popular in the USA.

Sonic - Many dogs can hear much higher pitches than the human ear. This collar sends an unpleasant pitch when the dog barks. This collar is tested for your dog to ensure that the pitch is perfectly tuned.

Vibration - These collars often feature both sound & vibration. Instead of using sonic they will use a normal low pitched beep when barking begins, this is soon followed by a vibration if barking continues. The vibration is similar to a mobile phone and quite harmless.

3. Are These Collars Safe?

The majority of bark collars, especially Citronella and Vibration. They are unpleasant but harmless when a dog barks hence the purpose of them. When it comes to their safety, yes they are safe as long as you read the instructions and place the unit onto your dog correctly. 

The shock version can cause harm and distress to your dog and we never recommend using this kind of anti bark collar. 

4. Do Anti-Bark Collars Cause Unnecessary Suffering?

Before purchasing an anti-bark collar it is important to do your research and try to discipline without using physical measures. If the anti-bark collar is the best option for your dog than you and your dog will be satisfied with the results.

We sell both the Citronella & Vibration anti bark collars which can be found here.

5. Do They Make Waterproof or Water Resistant Anti-Bark Collars?

Yes, many companies do. Be sure to check a few different collars before selecting one for your dog.

6. Can Another Dogs Anti-Collar Activate My Dogs Unit?

Each unit is specifically designed for the dog it is on. No, the collar of one dog will not activate another collar nearby. If you believe this is happening to your dog, contact the place you purchased the collar.

7. Is There a Weight and Height Minimum?

Approximately 5 pounds is the recommended minimum, however, it varies depending on each collar.

8. What Is the Best Way to Introduce Your Dog to the New Collar?

It is best to associate the collar with a fun activity for a week or two. When you are going to play outside put the collar on him/her. You want your dog to learn to like the collar.

After some time with the collar at no simulation, you can begin to introduce the stimuli. With each collar producing a different action, it is important to watch your dog as the simulation first takes place to see how he/she reacts.

Continue putting it on when you go outside (since this is likely where the barking occurs) and maybe give a treat to your dog when you see the simulation work and your dog obey.

9. When Should I Use an Anti-Bark Collar on My Dog?

It is best used on dogs who bark nonstop and have a hard time obeying their owners when advised to be quiet. Especially if your dog is barking for territorial reasons, because it was a learned behavior, or because he/she is an attention seeker, this is a great solution for you.

10. Who Puts the Anti-Bark Collar On?

It is quite simple to put the collar on your dog. You should be able to put the collar on yourself, just make sure that the collar is fitting well without being too tight. You should be able to put 1-2 fingers inside the collar.

11. Should I Leave the Collar on All Day?

This is up to your discretion. You do want to make sure that your dog has time with the collar on when you are not around so that he/she knows that the non-barking behavior is not just for when you are around.

Once your dog has learned to only bark when necessary, you can remove the collar. No need to leave it on if it isn't going to be a teaching tool.

12. Will the Collar Increase My Dogs Comfort Around Strangers?

When your dog is unable to bark, he/she is also unable to bother strangers which allows them to feel more open around your furry friend.

Your dog will have a better chance of being comfortable around strangers when they feel more comfortable playing with him/her.

You can then rest easy knowing that your dog is not a bother to the people around you.

Do Bark Collars Really Work?

Yes, and they are used by people all over the world. With the various different kinds, there is no doubt that they work for many dogs all over the world.

We hope these 12 questions and answers were a great beginners guide on whether or not the anti-bark collars are right for you and your dog. The relationship between the two of you is a bond that can never be broken.

Make the right decision for your dog and research the best solution for your puppies over barking.

On sale for a limited time, hurry and buy your anti-bark dog collar today!

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