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GP Bark Collar Batteries - 5 Pack (4LR44)

GP Bark Collar Batteries - 5 Pack (4LR44)

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£10.50 - £7.50 GP A544 4LR44 4G13 L1325 6V Alkaline Batteries 5 Pack


These batteries are perfect for use with most bark collars including Pets Finest Anti Bark Collars. Get them at 40% off for a limited time!

Product Description

GP offers a range of high voltage remote control batteries, uniquely built to offer excellent performance and longer operational life over a wide range of operating temperatures. Also known as - 476A, 4LR44, V28PX, PX28, 28A

Box Contains

GP 476A - 5 Batteries

  • Battery Technology: Alkaline (Single Use)
  • Class leading capacity for increased product performance
  • Equivalents: 476A, 4AG13, 4LR44, 544, A544, L1325, PX28A, V4034PX


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