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Deshedding & Dematting Tool

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£46.00 £22.95 Deshedding Tool and Pet Grooming Dog Cat Brush

2 in 1 Shedding Blade Comb with Undercoat Dematting Rake EasilyRemoves up to 90% in Minutes Suitable For Cats & Dogs. Get it now at 50% off for a limited time!

  • SPEND LESS TIME COLLECTING YOUR DOGS WEIGHT IN PET HAIR - from your floors, carpets and furniture. Cut down on your dog hairs and eliminate gray dust bunnies and dog hair tumbleweeds crossing the living room with this brush suitable for the dogs and the cat.
  • BOOST YOUR PETS HEALTH - promote wellbeing both physically and mentally, by regular grooming and removing those painful mats and undercoat to leave a shiny and healthy topcoat. Your pet will enjoy being gently groomed, stimulating the release of healthy oils & endorphins and promoting bonding between you.
  • YOU WILL NEVER NEED OTHER DESHEDDING TOOLS - see our 5* reviews and how this dog brush with its unique 2 in 1 dematting comb and shedding blade design does an incredible job removing undercoat and loose coarse hair before it becomes matted, Quality dual function and designed to last works for short and long haired cats and dogs
  • MAKE YOUR PET FALL IN LOVE - When you take care of your dog with the right tools, removing their matts, knots and tangles becomes a breeze and you and your Furry Friends will be healthier and much happier, and it is the attention your cats and dogs deserve right?
  • GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY - 2 deshedding tools in 1 Dog brush at half the price of the furminator RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


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